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Here you’ll find an overview of our snacks, gin, wine, cocktails, and other beverages.


Green Olives
A sublime taste experience that invites your taste buds on an authentic journey to the heart of the Mediterranean. Price: 45,-
Salted Almonds
Enjoy a seductive flavor experience with our crispy salted almonds – an irresistible snack that satisfies your taste buds with a crunchy twist. Price: 45,-
Crispy Chips
Dive into a crunchy delight with our crispy chips – an irresistible snack that adds a playful and crispy dimension to your taste experience. Price: 35,-
Toasted Sourdough Bread with Butter
Each slice of our artisan-crafted sourdough bread is carefully toasted to a crispy golden perfection and served with a generous portion of creamy butter. Price: 35,-

At 1609, we have formed a close partnership with “FANGST.” FANGST is the name of a small Danish company with roots in Scandinavia dedicated to developing Nordic food culture. This involves rediscovering and reimagining foods and cooking methods that we have forgotten or no longer respect.
The art of seafood preservation is something we have yet to fully explore in our Nordic region. Nevertheless, we actually had a tradition of this fine preservation method with hundreds of small preservation companies along our coasts a century ago. Our waters have some of the world’s finest fish, and our gastronomy is renowned for its quality and innovation. Therefore, with the help of good people, FANGST set sail to rediscover and explore the richness of seafood in the Nordic seas, with respect for nature and culinary craftsmanship. The fish is preserved in cans and served as tasty snacks.


All servings come with toasted sourdough bread, fresh lemon, and seasonal herbs.


Blue Mussel No. 1

Limfjord blue mussels marinated with dill and fennel.

Price: 110,-

Faroese Salmon No. 2

Salmon from the Faroe Islands with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena.

Price: 110,-

Rainbow Trout

Danish rainbow trout smoked with juniper and lemon thyme.

Price: 110,-


Herring No. 1

Norwegian smoked herring with white pepper and ramson.

Price: 110,-

Sprat No. 1

The Nordic sardine smoked with heather and chamomile.

Price: 110,-



If you’re really hungry, you can try all 5 varieties for 500,-.

Charcuterie board


Our tapas selection indulges your taste buds with seasonal fresh cheeses, delicate sausages, and juicy olives. Dip your favorite bites into our delicious dips and let our charcuterie board be your guide through a world of gastronomic pleasure.




White Wine
2022 Pecorino. Price: 75,- / 399,-
This Pecorino has a delightful rich flavor and beautiful fullness, along with many exciting underlying aromas of tropical fruit. A flavorful white wine.
Leitz Riesling Eins Zwei Dry. Price: 90,- / 449,-
The grapes come from vineyards around Geisenheim, Hattenheim, and Erbach in Rheingau. Eins-Zwei-Dry is complex and elegant with delicate freshness and fruity notes of citrus and stone fruit, minerality, lively acidity, and a hint of sweetness.
Les Cortis Astrome 2020. Price: 499,-
Chardonnay, 50% Altesse. This white wine blend is made from a combination of Altesse and Chardonnay grapes planted in limestone, clay, and granite soil. Fresh, tasty, medium-bodied, and a pleasure to enjoy right away. In France’s new ‘natural wine’ playground, Jérémy Decoster has been making natural wines since 2016. His 6-hectare estate is called Les Cortis (the garden in the local dialect).
2021 Albarino, Zarate. Price: 599,-
The wine has an intense aroma with green and herbal tones, flint, and peach. A firm Albarino with crisp acidity and juicy notes of grape and citrus. The closest thing to bottled seawater and a dream match for completely clean seafood dishes.
Mont Verrier Bourgogne Chardonnay Sainte Marthe. Price: 599,-
Domaine Mont Verrier “Cuvée Sainte Marthe” is a white wine from Burgundy made from 100% Chardonnay. Very aromatic with notes of grape, stone fruit (especially peach), and more exotic fruit like pineapple and passion fruit. The barrel contributes vanilla and a touch of coconut.
Red Wine


Mont Verrier Beaujolais Pierres Dorées. Price: 80,- / 419,-
Beaujolais Pierres Dorées is the introduction to Mont Verrier’s range of Beaujolais wines. And what an introduction it is! It is almost the perfect definition of Beaujolais with its clear, crisp berry fruit, juiciness, soft structure, and great drinkability.
Milbrandt Cabernet Sauvignon. Price: 90,- / 449,-
Milbrandt Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, complex, and full-bodied red wine from Columbia Valley in Washington, USA. Full and broad, with a lush symphony of dark fruit, soft tannins, and a long, mocha- and vanilla-infused finish.
2021 Vindemiatrix, Bodega La Senda. Price 499,-
Vindemiatrix is grapes from 7 different parcels at 500-550 meters altitude. The primary grape is Mencia (90%), while the remaining 10% are white grapes (Palomino, Godello, and Doña Blanca). Brief maceration of 4-5 days and 7 months of aging in concrete. It’s red with fresh berry acidity and relatively light tones.
2020 La Mariole. Price: 499,-
Old vine Carignan and Marselan from the southern French Corbières with GREAT juiciness. Dark and rustic but incredibly fun to drink in large sips. Superb organic red wine.
2019 Côtes du Rhône, Elkjær-Amiel. Price: 599,-
60% Grenache in whole clusters, 20% destemmed Cinsault, and 20% destemmed Mourvèdre. The Grenache comes from a vineyard planted in 1950 on sandy and chalky soil. Cinsault and Mourvèdre were planted in the mid-1980s on chalk and clay. Grenache is traditionally vinified with 3 weeks of maceration, while Cinsault and Mourvèdre are gently vinified. The three wines are blended six months before bottling.
Leitz Eins Zwei Dry Rose. Price: 80,- / 375,-
Eins-Zwei-Dry Rosé is a fresh and fruity rosé wine made from 100% Pinot Noir. It boasts an attractive aroma of wild strawberries, rose hips, and raspberries. Round and juicy, with a refreshing acidity and notes of red fruit. A surefire summer hit!
Téte Rose. Price: 499,-
“Le Tète Rosé” from Domaine Les Tètes is a rosé wine from the Vin de France region. This wine is a blend of 2 grape varieties, namely Grolleau and Gamay Noir.
Valdemoreda: 155,-

Spanish rosé wine made from Garnacha, the Spanish name for the grape variety Grenache. Produced by Conde de Valdemar, a recognized producer in Rioja. Named after a valley with a beautiful mulberry tree. Welcoming and straightforward rosé wine with good body and freshness.

Baron d’Arignac. Price: 225,-

Baron D’Arignac Rosé is made from Carignan, Cinsault and Grenache. It is grown in the Hérault region, between Montpellier and Narbonne. The grapes are machine-harvested. The beautiful rosé color is obtained by soaking the skins when the grapes are pressed. The alcoholic fermentation takes place at a low temperature (18°C), then the wine is clarified and filtered.

Aromatic Grenache. Price: 70,- / 250,-

Bruno Andreu Aromatic Grenache Rosé is almost the perfect rosé wine. You are welcomed by the most beautiful, delicate salmon pink colour, and as the title ‘Aromatic’ indicates, the fragrance pours out of the glass.

Orange vin
2022 Trafalgar, Vin de France, Mamaruta. Price: 549,-
Trafalgar is an extremely approachable orange wine made from Muscat á Petit Grains. The grapes ferment with skin contact for about 3 weeks. The fruit is light and warm, with notes of peach, chamomile, honey, and apricot. The tannins are soft, and the wine is perfectly balanced.
Champagne / Cava


2021 Cava Brut Nature, Can Suriol. Price: 85,- / 429,-
2017 Brut Nature (Brut Nature – no dosage) is made from the classic cava grapes Macabeu, Xarel-lo, and Parellada from vineyards at 250-320 meters altitude. The wine has rested for nearly two years in the bottle before disgorgement. For some producers, organic farming is a recent phenomenon, but not for Can Suriol, which has been organic certified since 1996.
Brugnon Brut Selection Champagne. Price: 899,-
Brugnon Brut Selection is a dry champagne from Montagne de Reims. It has a delightful aroma of ripe apples, toast, and grapefruit. Beautiful, vinous, and flavorful with great finesse and charm. The bubbles are gentle and delicate. The finish offers notes of tangerines and candied apples.
If you can’t decide among our lovely wines, you can also try our wine tasting board with 3 selected glasses of wine. Price: 225,-


Since we have well over 130 different gin and tonic options, it would take too long to list them all here. Instead, take a look in our extensive gin cabinet and find the exact gin you desire. We are, of course, always available if you’d like some advice along the way.




Gin marked in red – 95,-


Gin marked in green – 105,-


Gin marked in black – 115,-


All our gins are served with 4 cl of gin, the appropriate tonic, and garnish.


If you can’t decide among our many gins, you can also try our gin tasting, which includes 3 or 5 selected gins.


Price: 295,- / 445,-


Our gin tasting can also be combined with a tapas platter for 145,- (Tapas must be pre-ordered at least 2 days in advance and should be ordered for a minimum of 8 people).

Cocktails / Spritz / Shots

Gin Hass

Served with gin, mango syrup, lemon soda, lime juice & dried lemon – Sweet and exotic. Just like your spouse.

Price: 115,-


Served with gin (optional gin), lime cordial & dried lime – Cruise the world from where you’re sitting.

Price: 115,-


Served with gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, Crème de Mûre & dried blackberry – Berry on!

Price: 115,-

Espresso Martini

Served with vodka, Kahlúa, espresso & coffee beans – Your pickup is here.

Price: 120,-

Oak Matured Negroni

Served with barrel-aged gin, Campari, vermouth, dried orange – Mature, so we don’t have to be.

Price: 125,-

Honey Highball

Served with Monkey Shoulder Malt Whisky, mead & lemon – Honey, I’m home.

Price: 115,-

Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Cava & orange – from mainstream to remainstream

Price: 95,-

Campari Spritz

Campari, grapefruit & tonic – as bitter and pearly as your ex wife

Price: 95,-

Hugo Fuss Spritz

Lillet Blanc, Dolin Blanc & Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic – Come see what fuss is about

Price: 95,-

The Pineapple Cocktail Express
Tropical Tickle Tease

Mango/Passion syrup, Bombay Saphire, pineapple juice & orange – Come tickle that tease

Pris: 95,-

Rhubarb Rhapsody

Rhubarb Syrup, Bombay Saphire, pineapple juice & lime – A story that gets better the more you drink

Pris: 95,-

Raspberry Breeze

Raspberry syrup, Bombay Saphire, & pineapple juice – Is the wind really the only thing that blows?

Pris: 95,-

Ginshot / Tequila tasting

Mango/Passion syrup, Bombay Saphire, pineapple juice & orange – Come tickle that tease

Pris: 1 shot 30,- / 10 shots 200,-

Tequila tasting

Tasting board with 3 different premium tequilas. 1 x blanco tequila, 1 x reposado tequila,
1 x añejo tequila
Served with chili salt, coffee grounds, lime & orange

Pris: 250,-

If you can’t decide, you can also try our tasting board, which includes 3 selected cocktails. Price: 265,-

Øl, sodavand og andre drikkevarer

Carlsberg Pilsner

0.25L / 40,-

0.4L / 60,-

0.6L / 80,-

Tuborg Classic

0.25L / 40,-

0.4L / 60,-

0.6L / 80,-

Jacobsen Juicy IPA

0.25L / 45,-

0.4L / 65,-

0.6L / 90,-

Jacopsen Yakima IPA

0.25L / 45,-

0.4L / 65,-

0.6L / 90,-

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

0.25L / 45,-

0.4L / 65,-

0.6L / 90,-

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc - Alkoholsfri

0.33L / 55,-



Sodas / Lemonade / Water
Coca Cola

0.5L / 45,-

Coca Cola Zero

0.5L / 45,-


0.5L / 45,-

Kildevæld / Sparkling Water

0.5L / 35,-



Price: 38,-

Flat White

Price: 42,-


Price: 42,-


Price: 48,-


Price: 30,- / 40,-

Iced Coffee

Price: 45,-

1609’s Irish Coffee

Price: 95,-

Earl Grey

Price: 40,-


Price: 40,-


Price: 45,-


Price: 45,-


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